Life in a Metro

No, I ain’t talking about the film.

For the past few months, I’ve witnessed a complete transformation from the sort of person I was to the one I am. I’ve become confident, courageous and mostly, independent.

The city I live in, New Delhi, is mostly discribed as the ‘rape capital’. Any girl, obviously here, would think twice before going ‘alone’ somewhere, anytime of the day, whatever the reason. And yes, so did I think of when I had, with no other option left, travel in the Delhi metro. Yeah it’s safe, but for me to believe in this very fact, took a bit of time.

Always, their was a feeling of being unsafe, of being insecure, of feeling that yes someone could be following me. I always kept feeling, something ‘could’ happen. I kept looking here and there, left and right that maybe someone is following me. But till when, and to what extent would I keep playing this game of rats? Keep thinking, “oh, something could happen”? Na. Not long.

The only answer I found for this traumatising problem was, ” just forget it”.

Yeah, “just forget it”.

If I had kept thinking about these issues, it would have led me somewhere else.

Now, the point is, how did I do it? I started noticing people around me, instead of noticing if someone is noticing me. And then I realised why so many people keep looking at each other. Their intention always isn’t bad, the thing is, they get bored, and so did I!

No I’m not asking you to stare people around! Their is a difference between ‘staring’ and ‘noticing’, which I realised pretty late.

I see, most underprivileged section gets down at Anand Vihar station, usually carrying huge bag packs on their backs, and are usually their to catch a local bus to their villages/towns.

Young boys and girls, even at 3:30 pm in the afternoon, are up for a party. Yes, most youngsters get down at Rajiv Chowk, or Cannaught Place, one of the most happening places in Delhi.

Teachers, students usually get down at Preet Vihar and Nirman Vihar, places where we would find most IIT-JEE coaching classes. Tired, yes one gets just tired after seeing them, carrying huge bag packs in the afternoon, getting ready for a 2-3 hour long class, after a deadly school schedule.

Some mid-aged, high-fi ladies, get down at Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar or Janpat, reason being- shopping! Even at such an odd timing of the day. Gosh.

Others, usually are going to their workplaces, colleges, or maybe visiting their relatives.

I haven’t mentioned all stations because my journey is districted to only these few.

Yes, these people, all from different walks of life, having different intentions, I don’t know how, why and when have taught me so much, and most ironically, I don’t know what exactly they have taught me. But all I realise, at the end of the day is, that I’ve become a bit more confident, a bit more independent and bit more stronger.

Can you realise how the local Delhi crowd taught me so much?

The answer lies within.

People, whoem I uses to be scared of initially, ended up being a great teacher.

All you need to do is, think a bit less. Over-thinking doesn’t help, trust me!