We, being humans, say that we can afford to do a mistake. But first, what really is a ‘mistake’?
Every sin, every crime, every unauthorised action is categorized  as a mistake. But think again, was it really a mistake? or was that action being done on a specific purpose?

Mistake-according to what I got from the google search- is an act or a judgement that is misguided, now I think google can be trusted, can’t it be? anyway.
The act that is misguided, of course, isn’t done on a purpose. Mistakes are done unknowingly. You don’t realise when you do a mistake, and one remembers a mistake after committing it, and thereby does not repeat it at any cost. And the one who repeats it, is not a mistake, but an action done on a specific purpose, and thus, cannot be categorized under a mistake, one does not repeat mistakes he/she has committed, and committing them would be nothing, but portraying insanity to the society.

Give a thought over it, are you realising what you do? are you committing a mistake or an action on a purpose, to take a revenge? are you categorizing the right action under the seven lettered word, ‘MISTAKE’?  are the people around you doing the same? and SORRY is not the answer always.

Repetition of a misguided action,  is not a mistake, even by a mistake. It is, just an action done on purpose.
Give a thought over it, remembering mistakes and not committing them again leads to drastic self enhancement and improvement.  Repeating  them is insanity and action done on purpose, thereby portraying a psychotic side.

Are we really mistaking something else to be a mistake and forgiving the people around us, or we ourselves are begging others to forgive categorising a repeating purposed action as a mistake? Give a thought, what is a MISTAKE for you?


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