Virtually evolved Beings.

So we are living in the twenty first century.

I’ll start with a complex term, ‘BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION’.
It is, nothing but biological evolutionary process leading humans to their modernised forms. As what I have learnt till my 10th grade biology, human and chimpanzees have a common  ancestor, and that humans have a scientific name-homo sapiens. That’s the only thing I know about the biological human evolution. Nothing else, seriously.
But that’s biological, let’s get a bit practical.  How are we getting evolved, in terms of our mindsets? our thoughts? our actions? our feelings? respect to others? biological evolution has led our bodies to evolve to better body designs, but not really, our brains, are actually, not developing, but rusting and degrading.
Today, life for every next person is nothing but creating a virtual, dishonest and exaggerated image of themselves. Till yesterday, family was the one that helped us take a nap from our busy schedules, but today, social networking has taken that place, friends, or virtually imaged friends have taken that place.
All for a teenager today, is to get maximum attention from people, in whichever way they want, ruining their academic fronts and thereby risking it, just to gain popularity amongst locals. Clicking pictures, uploading them, putting long captions that don’t even go with those pictures is what life for them is. As virtually, no one is going to come personally to you and ask you what really you are, you can create a good image of yourself, the so-called good image, without being hesitated for even a second.
Kids of barely age 13, call themselves professionals, just by holding a DSLR. Life for an ordinary teenager is nothing, but wearing the best out of their wardrobes, keeping in minds that they look attractive and definitely get some attention, and comments full of pleasure, hearts and kisses. People compete for likes! they try to click the best from what they have! and become locally quite famous. I know how my classmates and schoolmates actually recognise people, they recognise them as ” she was the one who got 1000 likes on her display picture! oh my god, I really want to be like her.” I’m not lying, people are recognised on likes, looks and their attractiveness now, instead of a good behaviour. Teenagers today try to create the best possible virtual image, they make friends on-line and break friendships on-line. They date on-line and break up on-line. They judge people on-line. They fall for someone on-line and hate someone on-line. In short, the world, that is existing virtually actually, is the world for them.
But, but what about those who get 2 likes on their display picture? oh wait, I don’t judge on likes. A girl, I remember, long back ago, on a page on Facebook, replied to a poster who said you click happening pictures, ” look, you are comparing yourself to someone high above your standard, I have got 1000 likes on my display picture” , and guess what, that comment got about fifty likes, and that page wasn’t liked by many, so the post was restricted to the only few page likers. I was one of the likers. People who are not paid any attention, think that this is the end of the world ( actually it is not the world although! ) and that they are useless, no one recognises them! well, then for them, I have got something.

You are the only few amongst the actual evolved humans left, you will succeed, only if you don’t take attractiveness on your judgemental lines.  The one who succeeds, doesn’t beg for fame, he or she are begged by the world for fame.  Michael Jackson never begged, neither did Albert Einstein, nor did Mahatma Gandhi. They are known, not because they wanted to be recognised, but because the world wanted to recognise them. Behave like humans, keep up the human spirit and let’s not degrade our brains.

Let social networking be a part of your life, a very small part, and not your life itself! let’s not make it our world! let’s not consider it the only place to survive! let us maintain it’s virtual-ity  and believe in the real three dimensioned world! Let our generation not consider it every reason to smile or cry, excite or depress! Let it be a part, just a part of our busy bee lives, and let it not be the reason to ruin our lives, ruin our academic fronts, our relationships with our beloveds.
Considering virtual reality is a disaster, and considering it your life is the other definition of foolishness.
Take time, are you foolish?


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