Think what you really need to think.

Think what you really need to think.

People say they get depressed and they can’t just get over stuff easily.
1. Guys can’t get over girls.
2. Girls can’t get over guys.
3. I couldn’t get over a family member’s death. ( So many can’t.)
4. People cry over breakups.
5. Jobless people feel like attempting suicide. 
5.People can’t get over JEALOUSY.
6. And if I had an entire day to type this, I could have given a millions way to get depressed.

It’s a very common saying, “don’t think about a solution for a problem that can never have a solution”. Of course, that’s quite easy to say, but not easy to overcome. But that’s perhaps the best solution. Don’t find solutions for things that can NEVER have solutions. Like for instance, if someone passes away, what can you as an individual do except for crying and missing that person?  Miss, cry, that’s human psychological process. But you need to find out ways to get over it. I miss my aunt so much still, it has been 3 years. But I got over it, it was difficult, but yes. 

Getting over guys/girls.
The most stupid reason to be sad ever. 
People say” I loved her/him so much”. Well, before you say that, do you love him/her as much as you love your parents? You simply can die for your parents, but when you are asked to for your crush, you will definitely think a million times. 
Love for me has got no definition, it has become a tool to get pleasure, agree or not, that’s what practicality says! 

Think what can be done, rather than, how did that happen. 
Think, what you should think, that can give you a way of your problems, not why did these problems happen. 
Of course, think before you do anything. 
Think practically, not foolishly. 

Their are a million ways to be depressed and infinite ways to be contended. 
That’s what you need to get registered. 



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